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Beauty Enhanced

Welcome to my online portfolio. What you are about to see is the result of years of hard work, coffee, long nights, and very little sleep. With my love for art and my passion for the latest trends, I knew fashion was my calling from a young age. I’m proud to represent fashionable products that are fresh, original, and timeless. Check out my latest collections in my expertise.

hair styling and hair coloring at Elie Tanous Salon

My Bio

Timeless Style

I’m so thankful I was able to find a profession that connects two of my lifelong passions: fashion and beauty. My style is rooted in a deep, passionate, and lifelong commitment to fashionable comfort and luxury.


In 2008, I decided to turn my passion into a reality by joining the hair industry as a professional. I knew that I was developing an addiction to sharing my creativity with people. Whether someone wanted a total makeover or just a simple touch up, I always want to talk about any options to help them out with their everyday styling habits.


Everybody is so beautiful inside and out, but sometimes people need the guidance to show them where their strongest beauty areas are. Growing up, I was never the most popular or viewed in school, but I always liked to be creative and enhance the way I did my hair, the way I dressed, or even the way I cooked and ate.


Life is interesting in so many ways and is not made to only follow the rules. Stepping outside the box and creating your own path, is what will enhance your inner beauty.

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