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Meet The Team


Artistic Director/Founder


Elie Tanous, owner of Elie Tanous Salon in Hackensack, is an expert signature hair stylist. Tanous injects creativity, passion and innovation into every masterpiece he creates. Specializing in texture, movement and precision haircut syles for each and every client. Training with Vidal Sassoon, Loreal, Wella, Oribe, and Michel et Colette and over 10 years of experience; Elie has been able to mesh all his training into his own unique signature technique, and is able to curate a signature style . He channeled his raw creative energy into becoming a successful hair stylist in a very short time.


"I don't believe in having an ego or being too serious, I love to enjoy every minute of my day, and thats what leads to success and satisfaction."


Ambassador Stylist


Oki, Okinarri, specializes in Japanese-style dry cutting techniques. With more than 30 years experience; training with Sahag’s own, Siggi in Japan, Oki does not allow the client to leave her chair unless she has literally touched and texturized every single strand of hair.


-“Why would I let the client leave my chair, if her hair isn’t perfect?”


Creative Stylist

Roxanne Mengert

Roxanne's, Momma Rox’s, dream since she was a little girl was to always make people happy. Doing hair since 2012, Roxanne continuously strives to deliver the best experience to her clients. Trained and certified with Wella and Loreal, Roxanne’s focus on providing the longest lasting color results, by addressing everyone’s specific needs.


-“Giving comfort and ease to each client that comes into the salon, to make it a fun and new experience for the client, is what I strive for!”


Ambassador Stylist

Johanny Perez

Doing hair for over 32 years, Johanny has an incredible gift of listening to the clients’ needs while making the experience as enjoyable as possible. Training with Arrojo, Loreal, Oribe, and Goldwell. Johanny has made herself eligible to take care of the client from A-Z.


“The world is changing and we need stay up to date with everything, not just one thing.”


Creative Stylist

Maricel Cunningham

Don’t be surprised if Maricel comes over to you and starts talking to you as if she’s known you for 10 years, oh and she might add a little workout move in there. Over 20 years of experience, Maricel has trained with the industries best: Nick Berrardi, Dominick Serna, Wella, Loeal. Maintaining such a large clientele book is credited to her strong accommodation skills. It’s always a little party in Maricel’s chair, you never know what to expect. 


- “Working 7 days a week means nothing to me. Is there an 8th day?”


Ambassador Colorist

Greg Johansan

Greg Johansan, born and raised on the beach in Long Island and currently a true New Yorker. With over 25 years of experience, that makes Greg the salon’s ambassador colorist. Training side by side with Peter Coppola, Loreal, Goldwell, Wella, and Toni and Guy. Greg knows exactly how to address everyone’s needs.


-“Consultation is a big deal for me, I like to make sure I’ve listened to the client so I can address all their needs.”


New Talent Stylist

Ashley Conklin

Ashley, Just Ash, has always been the poster child of its carefree, keep-it-simple lifestyle and staying positive is of nature to her. In just a few short years, Ashley is determined to continuously be unique. Always challenging herself by constantly questioning and still finding an answer on her own. Certified in ELTA hair, Great Lengths, Donna Bella hair extensions, Ashley have quickly become the leading hair extensions specialist in the metro area.


-“I freakin love what I do and the people that make it special for me!”


Beauty Stylist

Alejandra Aguirre

Alejandra, AJ, is the salon’s in-house makeup artist and apprenticeship coordinator. Sleek, flawless, photo-shoot ready makeup is all Aj knows how to achieve. Aj is Elie’s former assistant, current right hand person, and one of the salon’s first staff members.


“Everyone is beautiful in their own way, it’s our job to prove it to them.”


Apprentice Stylist

Alison Alacalde

Starving for more. As soon as Alisson could, she was cutting and coloring her own hair. She continued to strive for more and get involved in any class she possibly could. Her love for hair styling progressed with her first volunteering gig at the age of 17 assisting with the industry's leading stylists, just to learn as much as she can. 



Nael Bode

Over 20 years of experience in BDR micro facials and acne treatments.


Company Coordinator

Nathaly Garzon

Over 15 years of experience in the industry, Nathaly is able to continue in motivating the salon company's team while guiding in the right direction. 

sarah headshot.jpg

Ambassador Stylist

Sarah Santos

With over 20 years of experience, Sarah can confidently say she has some of the industries leading training by the best: Oribe, Arrojo, Vidal Sassoon, Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, Great Lengths, Goldwell, Wella.